The Bizarre

The Bizarre

Anthology series with sci-fi and fantasy.

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The Bizarre

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  • Forgotten Souls

    After a hard night of partying, two young ladies are unable to remember how they made it back into the comfort of their homes with one of the women desperately trying to prove the existence of a friend that no one seems to recall.

    Forgotten Souls is an adaptation of the Richard Matheson short...

  • Sweet Still Life [Bonus Material]

    The director explains the genesis of the short film, "The Sweet Still Life".

    Starring: Mya Morton, Manson Thomas and Philip Auslander.

  • Sweet Still Life [Original Version]

  • Your Time Is Now

    Revenge is a dish best served cold ... or perhaps served repeatedly. Allison (Hannah Bidinger) is super excited about the idea that her genius boyfriend, Ethan (Jeff Spinoza) has potentially created an item that will change both their lives for the better. Well, it's certainly life changing in on...

  • Forgotten Souls_Deleted Scene

    May contain SPOILERS!

    In shooting the short, Forgotten Souls, we played around with some of the ways to allow one of the characters to vanish. The problem became that this particular disappearance takes place too early in the short and really couldn't be used with proper continuity. Here's the...

  • Sweet Still Life [Un-Cut]

    This version is the Un-Cut edit.

    Tanya (Mya Morton) finds herself in a strange room with a man who she's never met. Although he claims that everything he's doing is for their own good, she has an unsettling feeling that her being there isn't right and trying to escape. The truth, however, has...

  • Forgotten Souls [Rehearsal Footage_edited w-notes]

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