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Watch this video and more on All The Way Live

The End Agenda Commentary [Bonus Material]

The End Agenda – 1h 31m

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  • The End Agenda

    The story unfolds around a investigative reporter seeking to prove an internet legend to be true but ends up weaving herself into struggle against the largest crime cartel on the East-Coast. She, along with two other women, find themselves fighting this criminal empire and uncovering more than th...

  • The Interrogation [Short Film]

    A man wakes up in his own home, tied down to a chair at gunpoint from the woman he thought was his "love" and over the time they have remaining with each other the truth comes out about both their lives.

    Starring Atlanta based actors: Alicia Schulz and Tony Fields.
    Written by: Brian Green


  • Agent Cynthia Carson [The Video Logs]

    The updating of agent Cynthia Carson's video logs about her mission in the alias as Patrice.